Burgers and Bourbon

I dipped into LA this past weekend and totally forgot I’m headed to Jamaica in just a couple of days! Between the drinks at Beverly Hills Hotel, In-N-Out Burger and airport food, I completely lost track of my diet of fruits and vegetables! YIKES!

Anyway, I love LA for the luxe, glamour, sun and appeal. But as conscious as Californians are about their bodies, there is a multitude of restaurants that will please the fatty in all of us! Whether it’s brunch, lunch or a high end dinner, LA does not disappoint! Even after partying in a mansion in the Hills, one can easily head to Sunset Boulevard during after hours for a late night / early morning breakfast! And although some are still flocking to the famous Jerry’s Deli or legendary Mel’s Diner (already reviewed here on B&B), according to some of my west coast friends, the new scenesters are all about KITCHEN 24.

The original Kitchen 24 is situated in the heart of Hollywood’s nightclub district at 1608 N. Cahuenga Boulevard. The brand opened a second location in West Hollywood on Santa Monica Boulevard, but if you’re just leaving the bar, the convenience of Kitchen 24 Hollywood location can’t be beat. The 24-hour upscale diner offers quality and comfortable American Fare in a hip environment that’s welcoming and studded with late-night eye candy.

With an opulent bar taking center stage, homemade soups, sauces, and desserts are served up by friendly waiters to sexy patrons in lavish leather booths and tables. Strategically placed mirrors and embellished lighting create a mood apropos for the late night clientele. Kitchen 24 is the perfect interlude between the club and house (or hotel, if you’re lucky), and provides an eclectic and tempting menu that boasts inventive and desirable dishes, including pineapple chicken wings, chili cheese fries, buttermilk fried chicken, and build your own “Smac” & Cheese!

Urbanites mingle with the chic at this trendy bar and restaurant, and whether you’re prolonging a rendezvous or just stopping in for something good, chances are, the late-night scene will offer what you need.

After a night of clubbing on Hollywood Boulevard, some friends and I stopped in Friday night to get our grub on, and I was as impressed by the decor as I was the prices! With nothing over $20, some menu meals are even under $10! There was a bit of a wait, but we talked the host into seating us in less than five minutes and were comfortably placed at a circular all-white banquette in the front window!

My friends ordered eggs and breakfast while I settled for the club sandwich, but it was hard to ignore the meatloaf, beet salad, homemade corn bread, pancakes and french toast! The quality and freshness were evident with each and every bite! And the coffee!? Well, it was simply delicious!

The glistening glare, attentive and swift service coupled with pumping music made for a fun and relaxing way to wind down the evening. As club-goers trickled in and awaited tables, it’s easy to see how one could make a night out of dinner at Kitchen 24 alone!

I really enjoyed Kitchen 24! I’d love to go back during the day for lunch or for an early dinner! I doubt the scene would be the same, but if the food, prices, service, and decor are still in tact, then Kitchen 24 will soon become one of my new and favorite LA hangout spots.

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